a superhero made out of bread?

Bread? Really? Well its not just any bread its anpan, bread filled with sweet bean paste. Add a little something extra and you’ve got Anpanman, one of the most famous characters in Japan. He was initially baked by Uncle Jam and given that little something extra by a shooting star that was passing by at the time of his baking. Anpanman spends his time helping those in need by feeding them his own head. Yes, his OWN head. When he needs a new head he returns to Uncle Jam who bakes him a new own. His old head flys away and a new one is put on. Each new head renews his energy. His weaknesses are water or anything makes his head dirty. His friends and fighting partners are various Japanese breads, white bread man, roll bread man, melon bread man, and curry bread man. Together they fights germs and hunger in their land.

I promise I’m not making this up, or this isn’t some strange character I found buried in obscurity. The Anpanman cartoon has been in production for 23 years, that’s almost as old as me. There have been 1,065 episodes aired, and 22 full length feature films. Anpan’s face can be found on just about anything, toys, clothes, walkers, food, trains, you can even eat anpan w/ Anpanman’s face on it.

btw it was delicious

So what’s all the fuss about? Take a look for yourself. Here’s the birth video of Anpanman. Keep in mind the target audience is under the age of 5.


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