rise and shine

Its sports day season again. As most of my regular classes have been canceled so the students can practice, I have had plenty of time to watch the preparations for sports day. Although I teach at 7 very different schools, I started to notice a huge similarity. They all seemed to do the same warm up. I asked around, and this is a national thing. The warm up routine doesn’t stop at elementary school PE class, this is a life-long skill. Many companies do this warm up every morning to keep community bonding, and get ready for the day. I even saw the guides for Mt. Fuji doing the warm up before beginning the climb. In case you don’t attent elementary school, aren’t a Fuji guide, or work for the right company, you can still get in on the daily warm up magic. The taiso (warm up) is broadcast every morning on the radio and television. I recently found out that everyday during summer break, students were required to meet and do the taiso together at 6am. Here’s the magic, learn it, try it, live it, love it.

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