life salad, a few things lately

Last week I had an unplanned mini break from school. Sunday was sports day and two of my schools took days off to compensate for the students coming to school on a Sunday. Unfortunately another typhoon decided to come through town on the same days. While not as dangerous as previous typhoons, it was still bad enough to keep me indoors. On the upside I have gotten quite of bit of knitting done.


During one of my days off I had the chance to go fishing with some of my students. A net was thrown into the water from a boat about 100m off shore. Meanwhile about 30 people stood on shore and pulled the net in. It took about 10 mins to get the whole net onto land. Experienced adults pulled out the edible fish while the children pulled out small fish and squid to play with in the water. We brought the freshly caught fish to a park and had a BBQ.

I dragged in the catch of the day

In other news I recently got to catch up with some out of town friends. Danika came from Kure to explore the riches that Kanonji has to offer. I still can’t get over the fact that we are both in the same country, and close. Danika is my longest friend, we met in pre-school, that’s right we have a 20 year relationship going.

I also got to see Heather and Miguel, during a short trip to Matsue. We took in the beauty of Mt. Daisen, and enjoyed some micro-brew beer from around Japan.  Of course it was a good time, I was with Heather and Migs!



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