Hyper M

Hyper M. I guess you could call me a Hyper M-er. What is a hyper M you ask? I don’t really know, but its the name of my volleyball team. That’s right I’m on a volleyball team. Please don’t laugh too hard. I am well aware that I am lacking any kind of skill in the volleyball department. My own friends wouldn’t let me play when we went to the park in high school. Malinna was so frustrated with me once she kicked me out of the game. But somehow my lack of skill didn’t really matter. My friend Takaio has been playing on a team for a couple years and invited Scott and I to join them. I thought it was a one time thing. Then they asked me to come back. The next week they asked me to come back again. And it has continued that way for the last 5 weeks.


The team is super laid back. Think rec-league softball status, we warm up and do basic skills then play games against each other for the last part of each weeks’ practice. Then after each practice we go out for food and drinks. We spend just as much time at the restaurant than we do actually practicing. I’m pretty sure that’s the real reason most people are on the team.


karaoke night with the hyper M'ers

We had at tournament last week. I wasn’t asked to play, I was told that I would be one of the “cheer girls.” Apparently my skills haven’t improved much.

volleyball cheer girls, I wasn't the only one

But I’m ok with that. I really just like the people. Although most of the them don’t speak much english and I don’t speak much Japanese, we seem to get on just fine. My japanese skills have improved by leaps and bounds, and it has been a good time so far.


my girl Takaio

On Sunday I found out I get a Hyper M track suit, and team shirt. That means I’ll be playing in the next tournament. That means I’m part of the team. I may be an official bench warmer now, but at least I’m official. And I get a sweet track suit.

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