Hiroshima, my 2nd home

Its safe to say that Hiroshima is my second home in Japan. Well, maybe more like 3rd home since I have already had 2 homes. Between work training sessions, getting my drivers’ license, and weekend get aways, I have spent about a month in the city, that’s is a pretty considerable amount of time since I have only been in Japan for about a year. Maybe its because I know it pretty well, or just because its awesome, but Hiroshima is one of my favorite cities in Japan.

It continues to amaze me the way that the city rebuilt itself after the terrible destruction from the atomic bomb and the strong stance the city has towards peace. In addition to the peace park I have visited each art museum in the city and the modern art museum is by far my favorite. If you have a chance there is currently an exhibit by Yoko Ono that is incredible.


Last weekend, some friends and I returned to partake in the Saijo Sake Festival. As I’ve said before I love festival food. My new favorite (get ready for this one) bacon wrapped rice ball covered in mayo and green onions. Its just as good as it sounds.

Honestly I’m not really a fan of sake and the festival didn’t really turn me into a believer, but I did get to see my friends from around Japan, and make some fantastic new ones.


Hiroshima, I’m sorry but you’re not done with me yet, chances are you’ll be seeing me again sometime soon.

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