A little bit of this, A little bit of that….

A couple weeks ago I shared the magic that is Rajio Taiso. Although the video isn’t the most inspirational workout video I’ve seen, (not everybody can be Richard Simmons,) I thought maybe they are onto something. So I’ve decided to include rajio taiso into my morning routine for the next 10 days. Healthy diet/ more active life-style / fear of the sun – pssssh, I’m pretty sure that the taiso is the secret to Japanese longevity. (just incase you forgot the magic….)


While in Hiroshima I found the single greatest restaurant, EVER. Yes, I know that its bold statement but you haven’t heard my discovery yet. Ok, here it is…..MOSDO, a mister donut / mos berger hybrid. That’s right you can get your teriyaki burger for a delicious meal, and follow it up with a misdo donut. There aren’t many other places where you can get the perfect fat/sugar fix.


I love when my snacks include ME in the packaging.


Another reason I love Japan, the epic roadside rest stops. These are so much more than the dirty bathrooms and vending machines from the side of Interstate 80. These have a convenie (of course) restaurants, the cleanest bathrooms I’ve seen, gift shops, and food venders during the day. Its a little added bonus while taking the bus. At this stop I got fresh tacoyaki たこ焼き and  なしソフトクリム (pear) ice cream.


Fantastic signs from my Hiroshima hostel.

sign above the urinal

save water shower with a "friend"

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