more eye candy

Even more art / projects from my students. One of my students made me business cards. It reads: Onohara Elementary School Eleanowa Sensei. (most of my students know me as Ellie, so the pronunciation of Eleanor has been a little skewed.)

I got this picture as while back, I’m a pretty big fan of it.

 This wreath really is one of my favorites, perfect for fall. My little special ed student Yamato made it for me along with a pinecone Totoro. However the glue failed to hold together Totoro for  the car ride home.

One of my students wrote about me in her writing journal. Something like; I ate lunch with her class,  made one of the boy students laugh really hard, and I have a blue bracelet on my left hand.

A letter asking me to play with a student after lunch. They thought if japanese was written using the romaji (ABC) letters I would understand it more. Not exactly, but its pretty darn cute.


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