I’m basically Japanese

I bow to people without even noticing, slurp my noodles, can use chopsticks without hesitation, drink more tea than water, can back into parking spots like a pro, and now I have this sweet track suit* to look the part. All I need to do is learn the language and I would blend right in, never mind that I’m white and a head taller than most of the country.

*In case you weren’t aware the track suit is an essential part the of the Japanese wardrobe. It serves many functions, leisure wear, workout wear, elementary school teacher uniform, extra curricular activity identifier, and uniform of the “bad ass” dyed hair convenie loitering crowd. Honestly I don’t know how I’ve lived here so long without one.

** In other news I just bought a white faux fur / shag rug for my apartment. Although it doesn’t add to my Japaneseness it is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time.


One thought on “I’m basically Japanese

  1. HAHAHAHHA omg El I totally get what you mean. I picked up the most random habits when I was abroad- and I was only there for 6 months! I can’t imagine after spending over a year there haha!!! Its going to take months to stop bowing and answering with thank yous and your welcomes in Japanese!

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