2011 you were good to me.

Happy new year all.

In December companies, schools, clubs and groups have parties called Bonenkais, or forget the year parties. But what if I don’t want to forget this year? There were a lot of ups, some downs, but I’ve had a great time this year, and maybe just maybe learned something about myself along the way.

From the last few epic months of Okayama madness, the Okinawa trip, a relocation to a small town, the small town blues, a great trip back to the states, joining my volleyball team Hyper M, loving my small town, Beer fest, sake fest, halloween weekend, Jenny coming back to Japan for the trifecta reunion, bonenkais, and general awesomeness 2011 will be a year worth remembering.

2012 has a lot to live up to.

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One thought on “2011 you were good to me.

  1. Best of all possibilities to you this New Year, Eleanor! Love, Auntie Ree, Glenn, Cate and Georgia (and Emma and Andrew from Africa).

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