Christmasing in Osaka

During my winter break I took a mini tour of central Japan. Phase one of the holiday tour was christmas in Osaka. This leg of my journey included Yuko and Scott. We bused it to Osaka and our first destination was the Umeda SkyTower. The top of the tower has two floor indoor and outdoor observation areas complete with a cafe and bar.

escalators on Umeda sky tower

We got there just in time to watch the sunset from 173 meters above the earth, and stayed until the city lights came out to play. Since Chirstmas Eve and Christmas are the date holidays in Japan (more on this later) it was couples central. Scott was one lucky guy not to have one but TWO lovely ladies by his side.

Osaka Skyline

At the bottom of the sky tower was a german christmas land. We wandered around with the other foreigners, enjoyed good pretzels and beer.

Yuko took us to a mexican restaurant for Christmas eve dinner. There isn’t much Mexican in Japan. and I love Mexican food. The lack of Mexican food may be one of Japan’s biggest issues. (Ok maybe not for anyone but myself).

Anyway this place was awesome. It wasn’t just good because I haven’t had mexican in 6 months, it was actually good mexican. We spent several hours there enjoying the food, atmosphere, company, and of course magaritas.

For christmas Yuko and I joined the masses of Osaka to go shopping. Compared to the small town I live in, the streets were CRAZY. The shopping arcade was one giant sea of humanity as far as the eye could see, probably even farther since I couldn’t see very far.

Dotonbori's sea of humanity

of course we got takoyaki (octopus dumplings)

I had the  night to myself because Yuko had to go home because for work the next day, and Scott was in an airplane bound for Thailand. I found the Osaka Christmas light display and met some other friends for Christmas beers.

Not your traditional family Christmas, but there were much worse ways I could have spent the holiday.

Cheers to Christmas


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