warning: I’m probably a road liability

Not me, but there are stickers in Japan that basically say the same thing.

In Japan when I person is a newly licensed driver they have to have a magnet like this on their car.

When a person over the age of 75 is still driving they have to have a sticker like this on their car.

Notice how the new driver magnet looks a lot like a spring leaf, and the old one a lot like a fall leaf. As if indicating that old drivers are in the autumn phase of their life. Clearly dying soon, but still holding on. Well the old drivers noticed that too, and got angry that they were labeled as autumn drivers. So, the old people magnets have been changed to look like this.

I quite appreciate these markers. I know to avoid both sets of drivers as they are even worse drivers than they rest of the population. Also the ever popular huge old people cars don’t really exist here in Japan, and how else would I be able to prepare myself to go 20 under the speed limit when approaching a old driver.


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