bites of goodness

Some tasty treats from life lately.

I found these chocolate straws in Yokohama. They have little chocolate beads in the middle and are half sealed on the top and the bottom so the beads dont fall out. When you drink milk with the straw it goes through the beads and…. MAGIC…… chocolate milk. Sure Jennie and Heather weren’t as excited as I was. But you can take my word that they are awesome.

I’m a big fan of trying snacks at the convenie, and most of the time I’m not let down. This time was different, it wasn’t just ok, it was bad. I had one and was done. After working at Chuao chocolate in college, I’m a fan of strange chocolate combinations. This combo was not a success. The black pepper was just too strong it was just…….. bad.  

Who doesn’t love a truck that loves the power rangers?

With the addition Kyoto cookie, and Mosburger my kit-kat flavor count is up to 27. In case you were wondering the kat was not burger flavored. I was just as disappointed as you are. It was white chocolate and they were selling them as some sort of promo, but still I can say I had a Mosburger kit-kat. As for the Kyoto cookie its probably my favorite flavor so far. It had crunchy cinnamon cookies in the outside coating, the Kyoto travel crew and I may or may not have eaten 3 boxes of them during our travel.


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