Big America [burgers that is]

I was never a big fan of McDonalds back in the states. In fact I didn’t have my first big mac until I moved to Japan. That big mac was the start of a huge downward spiral and my love affair with the golden arches. The food is always hot, the burgers and toppings are nicely centered on the bun, and everything is just a little bit better in Japanese McDonalds. But that’s not what keeps me going back. Its the Big America marketing campaign. Sure its a big gimmick but that’s part of the fun.

The Big American series isn’t an anti obesity campaign, or a commentary on the size of Americans,  its a line of special burgers based on various ares/cities/landmarks of the United States. There was the grand canyon burger with crunchy onions, a fried egg, and BBQ sauce. The Las Vegas, a burger with meat sauce, onions, and cream cheese sauce. The Manhattan with pastrami cheese and sauce. The texas with chili and fritos.  And my favorite the Idaho, burger with crunchy onions, special sauce, and  hashbrowns on top. Yeah, they are kind of a joke, and really really bad for you. But I have to admit they usually taste awesome. So well done McDonalds, you found a way to keep me coming back for more.


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