Thanks HyperM

Last week I had the first of my farewell parties. The fantastic people of my Hyper M volleyball team put together a farewell party for Scott and I. Its safe to say that Hyper M was one of the best experiences I had living in Kanonji. Although I am not a very good player, I had a great time hanging out with all the people on the team. Everybody on the team welcomed Scott and I even though we didn’t speak Japanese very well and very few of them speak English. But we pushed through the language barrier and always had a good time. My teammates managed to navigate my scattered Japanese and help me with my volleyball skills.

team photo

they put Scott and I at a special table like the couple's table at a wedding

The party was a great time, almost the entire team showed up, even the “ghost players.” We had a huge meal and they presented us with plum wine and graduation certificates in the end. Hyper M was my Japanese family and am lucky that I got to meet such a fun group of people.

chat with my coach: "ellie it was fun to play volley with you this year. But I think that you are no good." "thank you?"

the lovely lady that made it all happen, Takayo


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