What’s been goin on pt 3: Thai beaches

*Disclaimer: If the next few blogs sound like I’m bragging, partially I am, but mostly my trip was just so amazing that I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I pre-apologize for the over the top great stories that are coming your way. Actually I’m not sorry, your welcome for bringing so much awesome into your life. Enjoy.

After trekking through the wild sidewalks and crosswalks of Vietnam I hopped on a plane bound for Bangkok. Originally I planned on going through Cambodia on bus, but I ran out of time/money. (Oh well, that just means I’ll have to go back to Asia). Upon arrival to Thailand I headed straight to Koh Lanta Island, via overnight bus and ferry.

After the insanity of the Team Diekman tour and moving out of Japan, all I wanted was some downtime. Vietnam was way too much fun to let me relax. So I holed up in an island bungalow for a few days to recover. Recover and relax I did in a delightfully primitive bungalow resort where I took solo strolls on the beach, watched the sunset, and had candlelight pad thai dinners. Basically I had a romantic vacation with my favorite person, ME!

Bee Bee’s Bungalows on Koh Lanta

 After all that solo time, I was ready for some friend action. Lucky me, I had 4 friends coming to meet me in Krabi. My friends, Ben, Hannah, Heinie, and Leandi had a week off and were traveling to Thailand while I was there so we made plans to meet up. Best luck ever.

cruisin’ on Krabi

Our first day we rented motor bikes and rode around the Krabi area. We lounged on the beach, got massages and sunburns, and feasted on fresh fruit. Later that night we bought a jenga game that became our companion for the rest of the trip. We wrote rules on several of the blocks and you had to follow the rule or dare on the block you pulled. We took this game to almost all dinners and bars throughout the week. It also saved us the day we were stuck in our hotel during a 4 hours rainstorm.

jenga and beer always a winning combination

We made our way to Koh Phi Phi for the next few days. The island itself was more fun than beauty, but the surrounding islands were amazing. We took a snorkeling tour and I was blown away by the scenery. I sounded like “David after the dentist” just repeating “is this real life?”

maya bay, courtsey of Leandi

Koh Phi Phi also has an abundance of beachside nightlife. This is when we discovered m150, an energy drink equal to about 2 1/5 red bulls. I’ve been told I have an over abundance of energy, there’s no question that the m150 isn’t just a bad idea for me but also for those in my near vicinity. After consuming more than our fair share of m150 we danced the night away on several beach parties. I woke up the next morning with my heart still racing from the caffeine.  The extreme caffeine crash hit all of us on a boat tour. Never again.

After Phi Phi we took it down a notch and went to Railay beach. It was probably my favorite. Much more laid back than Phi Phi, and  had rock climbing. Before leaving for Japan I made a good effort pretending I was a climber. I tried, but never got very good. It had been a good 1 1/2 years since I went climbing and 6 weeks since I did any kind of physical activity so it was a great time to sign up for a 7 hour climbing tour. It started out great, they took me on all the easy courses and I was in a beautiful place. Then I crashed after lunch. There was a point that I was on one route so close to the top, yet so far. I had no strength left, my belayer wouldn’t let me down till I reached the top, and then it started raining. I started crying to myself, everyone else was a good 60ft below me. I made it to the top and did 3 more routes, and couldn’t move the for the next 3 days.

obligatory group beach photo (the boys opted out)

The Tak crew and I left the beachy paradise and went up to Bangkok. We had one more day of magic together before they went back to Japan. That’s when I had the Khao San Rd tear fit. I had this amazing week with my Japan friends, but I wasn’t going back with them. I wouldn’t be there when they said “hey remember when we were in Thailand.” I wasn’t going back to Japan. It was a rough night. But I got over it and continued to have a great trip making more friends. But more on that later. I just wanted you to know that I didn’t die from heart break on Khao San.

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