After a couples weeks of nannying it hit me. I’m a real life Marry Poppins. According to my kids, I came from the sky (airplane) from a far off land (Japan) to live in the room upstairs. Thanks to my time as an ALT I turn just about everything into a song, sometimes without realizing it. I also carry a large bag that has just about everything in it. My 2 year old is convinced there is an unlimited supply of bananas in there.

However, this may not be a good thing. In real life Marry Poppins wouldn’t be magical, she would be a bit crazy. A vagabond of a carpet lady who sings to herself and speaks to all the imaginary creatures around her. She even hangs out with some shady people. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie but maybe Marry Poppins is best left on the film.

On the nanny front things are getting better, and I’m really enjoying my job. As an ALT I had so many students that I was lucky if I could remember a student’s name let alone really get to know them. This is a great chance to really build a strong realationship with the kids that I take care of. While having 4 kids sounds like a wild time, (sometimes it is) I really enjoy having 4 very different children to hang out with. I have been able to have some unique time with each of them.  Although I don’t really take care of the older 2 often, we do things after school together like play video games or make cookies. The 2 year old and I have a great time together and he’s starting to trust me more.

The 4 year old and I have had more of a dynamic relationship. Upon arrival she thought I was great, this new play thing. She would make me drawings, fight to sit next to me at dinner, and even gave me her Hello Kitty. But when she realized that I was actually the new babysitter she wouldn’t have it. She stopped talking to me, crying when I sat next to her in the car, glaring across the dinner table. Luckily this behavior was saved only for when Mom and Dad were home. When it was just us at home she would happily listen to me. But once Mom stepped in the door she wanted nothing to do with me. Things are getting better now. Sometimes she wants to hang out with me even when mom is home, and I am starting to get drawings again. There’s only the occational dinner time glare. I’ll take it, its getting better.

Maybe I should watch Marry Poppins again to get some more pointers. I’ve decided that even if its seems a bit crazy there’s nothing wrong with little magic during the day.



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