Being British (for a weekend)

After falling in love with Paris I was off to the next adventure, England. It had been a year since I was in America and I was looking forward to being in an English speaking country. Even better, I was going to see my friend Jacob again. Yeah Jacob, the brit from team Okayama. It had also been a year since I saw his pretty face.

 Once I arrived in London Jacob escorted me to London’s finest Mexican restaurant. A member of our dinner party had a family member on the Mexican Olympic team and the Mexican news was there to interview her. Jacob and I were feeling festive  while wearing a sombrero and mustaches so the news crew were more than happy to get a few clips of us wishing the Mexican Olympic team well.

 The next day we wandered around London to take in the sights. Our friend Manami had just moved from Okayama to London so the Okayama reunion took on a new member. Team Okayama went to the sights and nearby pubs, rode bikes, and had some general debauchery.

 Although I was in the city during the olympics we didn’t see any of the events in person. We pretended to attend woman’s volleyball, when in reality, we just watching it on a giant screen in a park. Technically I could say I watched the Olympics in London, I just didn’t attend the actual event. (small detail)

obviously an olympic mascot photoshoot was necessary

When London had enough of us we went back to Jacob’s town on the southeast coast. It was nice to see the country outside of London and slow down a bit after so much touristing. I took the boat from England to Hoek van Holland, a much better way to travel than overnight bus. I also sat next to a guy that was a dancer in the opening ceremonies. awesome.

Summer Holiday

So I’ve abandoned this page again. I don’t have any excuses but I’m back with some goodies, enjoy. So what in the world have I been doing if I haven’t been updating my blog? Other than herding children I’ve been dominating the bicycle paths of Holland (more on that later) and having one fantastic summer holiday.

Part one of my holiday consisted of a week in Paris. Paris was always one of those places I wanted to go, but never really thought I would actually get there. Its almost like I didn’t believe it was real, like a place that only existed in books and  films. When all the details were figured out I was looking forward to the trip, like a child looks forward to christmas. There were big expectations and Paris exceeded all of them.

To stay for a week in Paris would be a pretty pricey trip, but luckily my totally awesome host-mom helped me out. She connected me with a family in the city and they allowed me to stay in their house in return for a couple hours of babysitting each day. My Paris-host-family was great. They gave me plenty of time to see the sights, helped me find places, and were in a great location(Walking distance from the eiffel tower), not to mention the kids were hilarious.

I did all the basics of a tourist trip to Paris. I took in the basic tourist sights: Arc de Triomphe, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera Garnier, Sacré Coeur, Hotel de Ville. Pretended to shop at crazy expensive department stores.  Saw the museums: The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Georges Pompidou. And being the musuem nerd that I am, there are still many museums that I still want to go to. There’s just so much its hard to fit it all in.  However my favorite thing to do was just stroll through various neighborhoods finding bakeries and vintage shops.

As a bonus I was in Paris for the finale or Tour de France. On the Sunday afternoon I strolled down to the Champs-Élysées and watched a bunch of guys in spandex ride their bicylces. It was awesome, there was so many and they went so fast, I had trouble focusing my eyes when they went by. I pretty much just took photos

is that a professional photo? No silly I was really that close to the action!!

I had a few foods on my Paris bucket list, baguette, meringues, crepes,  cheese, and  croissants. I know there’s much more to french cuisine but my budget was on the smaller side, so I decided to stick to the basics.

I didn’t want to love Paris, that’s too stereotypical, all girls like Paris. But I did fall in love, I just couldn’t help it. Hopefully I’ll be back again sometime.