Bike gang goes on a ride.

When I wasn’t on holiday or taking kids to the playground, I was tearing up Holland on two wheels. I’ve talked about my love for cycling in the Netherlands, and this is pretty much just more gushing.  Sure the rail system in the Netherlands is also great, but if the weather is nice, why not take a little longer and go by bicycle. That’s what my 6pack of friends and I have been doing.

Round one of Holland bicycle exploration was way back in June. I convinced my friends Vic and Ria to ride with me to Amsterdam. Although we didn’t have a great deal of experience, the 43 mile ride seemed managable.

where the flip are we?

After starting 3 hours later than expected, we changed our destination to Haarlem, slightly closer. We rode through the dunes and along the beach. We stopped to get hot chocolate and Poffertjes (mini pancakes), at a particularly nice cafe.

midride treat

After a solid hour and half of riding we stopped again at a beach and had a bubble party and beach picnic. At this point we realized that we weren’t even going to make it to Haarlem and set our sights on Leiden instead, 30km closer. Regardless of the fact that we didn’t even come close to our goal of Amsterdam by bike the day was fantastic.

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