A dutch love story

I’ve fallen in love in Holland. His name is Alan, and we met about a month after my arrival, we were set up by my host family and it was really love from there. Sure he’s a bit of a silver fox but he’s still one smooth operator. Before Alan came along I had a case of bike lust. My eyes just couldn’t help but to wander. In Japan, it was pretty bad, moving to the Netherlands only made it worse. But now that Alan is in my life, I’m so happy I don’t really feel the desire to look around. In the last few months we’ve clocked quite a bit of time together, he was even my escort on the 6pack rides to Liden and Haarlem.

Wait a minute, (you think) I didn’t see any picks of strapping men on these bike rides. Oh you thought that Alan was a man, silly, he’s my bicycle. As if I would really write about my romances on my blog. If there was someone special in my life, (which there’s not) I wouldn’t write about it, I may drop a few hints add some extra pics, and let people figure the rest out.


Alan’s backstory. Alan was built in Italy in 1976, and was the first all aluminum frame made. His siblings went on to win 5 World Track Title Championships, numerous classics wins, as well as stage wins in the Tour de France, Giro D’Italia, and Vuelta De Espana. No big deal, right.

I’ve already had a couple bike guys stop and oogle over Alan. Hands off boys, he’s all mine.


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