Bike gang goes big

bike crew self portrait

After the success of bike trip part one we recruited more people for Haarlem take two. This time we had a whole 6pack of au pairs on bikes. Not really a safe idea. It was so nice the first time we took the coastal road again and once again stopping at the poffertjes cafe and the beach. We didn’t have plans once we got to Haarlem, therefore we were in no hurry. We managed to ride through at least 2 festivals, and a flea market. I bought a rad hat, that was probably worn by one of the New Kids on the Block. Not only did it look good but was really practical  in keeping the sun out of my eyes. We managed to get to Haarlem in 6 hours, with only 1 accident. Considering our attention spans and bike skills this is a pretty good record. Upon arrival to our destination we found the first pizza place and quickly ordered food and beers, and followed it up with a McFlurry. After riding all day we had to make sure that we replenished our energy sources.

flea market finds

While cycling we had alot of time on our hands to perfect our singing skills, take in the surrounding and talk about important things like the personalities of our bikes. We named each of our bicyles and gave them corresponding personalities. There’s Kevin, Peet, Allen, Patrick and Persella. It makes sense that our bikes would also be friends with all the time that they spend together. Sometimes we catch them having a cuddle at the bike racks or a little clash here and there when Alan gets jealous of Patrick when he’s flirting with Pricilla. Its all part of the bike gang and our adventures.

This isn’t the end of the bike adventures. Now that we have ridden to Haarlem we have our sights on much bigger rides, international rides. (but with our record there’s a good chance we won’t get farther than Rotterdam, but we’ll have more than enough fun along the way)

taking the train home after a long day


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