Where’s Hello Kitty

When I left Japan, I didn’t leave Hello Kitty behind. Thanks to my four year old, she’s a constant companion of mine. When I initially skyped with my now host family I told her that I also love Hello Kitty. She interpreted it as a full fledged obsession. Upon arrival she gave me her Hello Kitty “to have for always.” Most mornings during breakfast she will leap out of her seat and exclaim “where’s Hello Kitty?” Dash to the toy box, pull HK out and set her on my lap to eat breakfast with the family. This same ritual also takes place throughout the day. If 4yr sees me leave the house during the day my farewell is “don’t forget Hello Kitty.” HK is then placed in my bag to ride around with me during errands. Sure I look a bit crazy pulling a stuffed HK out of my bag at the cash register, but I love the little reminder of my awesome kids back at home.


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