Lucky Duck

Thanks to my totally awesome host family  I had the supreme pleasure of attending the season opening performance of the Nederlands Dans Theater last week. In case you don’t follow the dance world, the company is ridiculously amazing. Not only do the dancers have nearly flawless technique but their movement quality is exquisite. I could watch them do tendus for an hour and half and be happy, but they also have incredible choreographers working with the company. The performance I attended was a celebration of the choreographer Hans Van Manen who has worked with the company since 1961 and was celebrating his 80th birthday.

 I don’t have the words to give the performance proper credit. Well actually I do, but I wrote enough dance critiques in University. I’ll just let the videos speak for themselves.

Not only did I get to watch an amazing performance, but I also got a Hans mask to take home with me. They left them on each seat to be used as a program for the night. I foresee some great photo shoots with this later.


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