stroopwafel = heaven in the form of a cookie

I have a riddle for you. What’s dutch, a food, and even better than Hagel Slag? If you answered stroopwafels, you are correct. I’m a big cookie fan and these are pretty much the best cookies I’ve had. (that’s including chocolate chip cookies) They are to blame for any weight gain during my time in the Netherlands. But you know what? The weight may be worth it, these cookies are that good. Stroopwafels are two thin wafers with gooey delicious carmel in the middle. You can buy them in packs in the grocery store. The heavier the pack the better the cookies – that means there’s more carmel inside. Even better cookies come from  carts that are set up in weekend markets, which  sell them fresh and hot. McDonad’s has even hopped on the storopwafel train and sells Stroopwafel McFlurries in the Netherlands. Don’t worry I’ve already had a few, and they are as good as they sound.

I’m not alone in my stropobsession. While searching for more info on the internet I came across several websites including, the Association of Stoopwafel addicts,, and instruction videos for eating this divine treat. After all this talk, I’m gonna head out to Alberhein to pick up a pack, or 3.


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