a 4 year old’s wisdom

my kids are all pretty smart, but my 4 yr really has some great one liners.

“Ellie, when you sing it hurts my ears”


me: “what would you like to be when you grow up?”

4yr: “a cars’ car”

me: “ok, how are you going to make that happen?”

4yr: “Well first you have to get flat, then you need some wheels, and then someone comes and paints you red”


(from the musical Annie: “Santa Clause we never see, Santa Clause what’s that, Who’s he?”)

4yr’s response: Of course they didn’t see Santa. Nobody see’s him, he comes at night.

me: I’m so happy that you’ve learned how to ride a bike!

mom: I’m also glad that you can ride your bike!

4yr: I’m happy that I have a pass to the Zoo.


4yr: Ellie are you cooking dinner tonight?

me: yes….

4yr: ok. My tiger is coming to dinner tonight so can you fix something for him?

me: yeah we’re having hot dogs.

4yr: no meat. You know, duck meat, chicken meat, pig meat, cow meat…. meat.


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