Hello there Zwarte Piet (black Pete)

After hearing the fabulous story of Sinterklaas and witnessing the growing anticipation of my kids, I had to become part of the Sinterklaas festivities. My friends and I joined my host family for Rotterdam’s Sinterklaas parade. After he arrived in the Rotterdam by boat, every city has a Sinterklaas arrival, he rides his white horse through town. He is surrounded by his helpers, Zwarte Piet, and they hand out candy and cookies to kids in the crowd.

My four year old decided she wanted to dress up as a Piet and took it upon herself to apply the blackface and make a collar for herself. There were several other kids dressed up as Black Pete, but she was by far the best. (I may be a little biased) Even Sinterklaas noticed her on the way by. The kids were riding a sugar high from all the candy and cookies handed out, and even the adults had a moment of belief in the old man from Spain.  We set our shoes by the door tonight for Sinterklaas, if I’m lucky I’ll get some cookies, if not I’ll see ya in Spain.

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