Thanksgiving results

it tasted better than it looks

Well Thanksgiving was a success. Its probably my favorite holiday and best American invention. Last year’s thanksgiving was a great time, but celebrating it on the actual day was even better. And this year, I made the dinner all by myself. I’m slowly learning to cook, so making an entire Thanksgiving was like tackling Everest after climbing a 14er, it is a pretty big jump. Somehow I did it all and nobody got sick. We weren’t able to get a turkey last minute in Holland, so we had a chicken instead. I would call roasting a chicken a good start before tackling an entire turkey. I did manage to crank out mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, gravy, chicken, cranberry sauce,  and a pumpkin pie, all from scratch (with a little help from the Joy of Cooking)

Joy of Cooking, almost as much as help as my mom.

Even better,  my host family even liked it. The parents and I had a few plates each, while the kids were all satified with something on their plates. It was pretty satisfying to make a huge roast dinner from scratch that people actually liked. I’m keeping my culinary skills in perspective though. I won’t be trying to tackle another “Julie and Julia” kind of thing anytime soon.

empty dishes always a good sign at the end of a meal


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