NDT Programma II

Last week I was fortunate enough to see the Nederlands Dans Theater perform for a second time. It turns out that they have special 10euro youth tickets for people under 27. 10euros! That’s less than the price of a movie ticket to see one of the best dance companies in the world. In addition to the dance performance the ticket includes drinks before the performance and during the intermissions. Just my drinks for the night would have cost as much as the ticket.

But then there was the performance and it was worth far more than the 10euro price. The first piece was “Chamber” choreographed by Medhi Walerski. It was everything I wanted out of a NDT performance. Other than great lighting there weren’t many theatrical elements, even the costumes were minimal. The whole focus was simply on the dancers and their incredible bodies. Next were two pieces from Jyri Kilian’s Black and White Ballets. I probably watched the Black and White ballets video twice a year in university and even wrote a paper on the choreography. When I first saw the dress on stage I let out a little squeal of delight.  I was happy as a clam, but it only got better with the last piece “Swan Song” by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot and  was one of the best contemporary pieces I’ve seen. This piece emphasized the beautiful technique in addition to their flawless movement quality. Everything came together perfectly the choreography, music, and set pieces to create brilliant story telling and visual stimulation.

I was speechless at the end of the show. It was difficult to take in so much awesome in a 3 hour span. The good news is, there’s more shows to see and at 10euro/ show I can afford to be a regular at the Lucient Theater. I already have tickets to see Momix in December, and there’s a possibility of some Romeo and Juliet action next week.

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