Pepernoten yummmmm.

My family is really getting into the sinterklaas spirit. This week’s little activity was making pepernotten, the little cookies that Black Petes give out. They are about the size of pennies and spiced with something similar to pumpkin pie spice. I’m in the beginning stages of addiction to these little koekjes, so when 8yr asked to make them I was more than happy to help.

step 1

step 2.

 We needed the help of all 4 kids to finish these cookies. They’re so small we  rolled out over 100 little cookies. I probably spent more time making sure the kids didn’t eat too much dough than making the cookies. The end result was fabulous, they were little crunchy cinnamon bombs and I ate them until I was sick, then had a few more. I think we give Zwarte Piet a run for his money on these tiny treats. This is the recipe we used.

the end result. aka a tray full of delicious


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