Keeping it classy with Prins William the 5th

429523_904423281689_293033366_nAfter taking in the brutality and horror from the Gevangenpoort’s gory past, Sanja and I decided to class it up and take in come culture in the near-by art museum.

300036_904423296659_2007852856_n-polaAttached to the Museum de Gevangenpoort is the Galerij de Prins Willim V. Throughout his life Prince William of Orange amassed an impressive collection of art. In 1774 he opened his private gallery to the public to be the first public art gallery. The collections is primarily pieces from Dutch and Flemish painters from the Dutch Golden age, such as Steen, Potter, van Mieris, van Honthorst and Rubens.  Although the actually gallery is long gone, his collection remains and is on display in a similar style to the original gallery. In addition to this specific gallery, pieces from Prince Willem V’s collection comprise the basis for many museums throughout Holland.



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