Christmas Craft Mania

12074_904427682869_1197452766_nRecently we got our first snow of the season in Holland. Sure it didn’t last too long or even stick on the ground but it was SNOW!!! And you know what snow means, Christmas. You know what Christmas means? Crafts. It just so happens that Christmas and crafting are two of my favorite things on this planet, so I take every opportunity I can to combine the two into an explosion of awesome.

484170_904427692849_1121740247_nWhen my kids came home from school I convinced them to make snowflakes with me. We gathered several pairs of scissors, a stack of computer paper and started pumping the Christmas tunes on my computer. Sure their enthusiasm didn’t quite match mine, but there’s a good chance that I was a little over excited about this whole ordeal. We managed to crank out a whole array of flakes as well as a 12ft long paper chain. I’d say we’ve gotten a good start on our Christmas decorating.



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