Berlin was awesome

481788_10151180536761365_1710334936_nI’m pretty sure the title says it all. The first weekend of December the 6pack decided to take our show on the road to the grand city of Berlin. Berlin has been on my short list of places I had to visit while in Europe. We decided that December would be a great time to visit since we would also be able to visit the Christmas markets.


The Reichstag

The Reichstag

IMGP6997It was one snowy weekend, but we didn’t let that slow us down. We still managed to see most of the big sites of the city, and fit in some snow angels, park wanderings, and one epic snowball fight. Berlin has such a rich history, it was great to explore both the east and west areas of the city.

Brandenburg  Tor

Brandenburg Tor

Chechpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie


Jewish Memorial

Jewish Memorial

The only problem with travelling is that I feel like I want to live in each of the cities I have visited. All these trips seem to be just a tease, like I just getting a taste of how cool that place could be. It happened in Paris, Chiang Mai, and Berlin was certainly no exception.




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