Drawings on the wall

I don’t know much about street art, but I do quite enjoy it. I can’t always say whats good or bad, but I do enjoy walking through cities and finding little treats in unexpected places. The art is Berlin was like nothing I have seen. It was like there was so much going on throughout the city that it was bursting at the seams and therefore art was leaking all over the place. (In the best way possible of course.) The creativity I witnessed just walking down the street will keep my inspired for a long time to come. The biggest and most obvious place to start our street art exploration was the East Side gallery of the Berlin Wall. After the fall of the wall in 1989 artists were invited to decorate a 1.3km stretch to create a memorial for freedom and celebrate hope for the future.

IMGP7019 IMGP7035 IMGP7057 IMGP7089 IMGP7083 IMGP7082 IMGP7097 IMGP7095 IMGP7094 IMGP7124 252341_10151154950112215_1270035678_n

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