Resolutions (yes I make them)


Its seems as though there’s a love/hate attitude with new year’s resolutions. Personally I love them. I love setting goals, writing lists, and planning things. Sure I may not follow through on all the things that I set out to do at the beginning of the year, but most likely there’s been some progress made. I like the idea of having something to grow towards. Isn’t a little improvement better than total complacency? I’ve always made a list of goals with a mixture of the easy confidence builders, silly, and probably not gonna happen. This year I’ve decided to share them. That way I’ll seem somewhat accountable

1- Respond. I’m pretty bad about looking at my phone, I’m even worse at responding to things that pop up on my phone. I have the tendency to look at messages, chats, emails, and think “wow that’s a lovely message” think about the response then close my phone/computer. A couple hours go by and I have yet to actually respond to the message. Days, weeks, months go by and I still have failed to write back. I even keep track of all the people that I need to respond to, without actually doing so. While I don’t have malicious intent with the lack of response, I understand that it is disrespectful or even unkind to leave these messages hanging. If you have been a victim of my complacency I apologize. This is the year that I will respond.

2- Sew a dress. I received a sewing machine from my host family last month and I have always been sewing up a storm. Many of these projects have been small with minimal skill involved. However it would be incredibly satisfying to make something from scratch, picking out the fabric, cutting the pattern, and sewing it all together. It would also be pretty great to say “Oh you like my dress, Thanks, I MADE IT!!!!!”

3- Save to travel. I want to make sure that I make the most of my time in Europe by seeing as much as I can. However my budget is rather tight. I am trying to avoid all the little less important purchases to save for flights, hotels, and travel. I’m willing to spend a couple weekends in, buy less clothes, and eat packed lunches to explore Barcelona or Rome.

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