February already!?!


Oh my heck its February already! Where in the world does time go? Although this month can really suck, its still cold, we’ve been cold for months already and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, there are a few things that make this month a little better, or down right delightful. 1) Valentine’s Day– Don’t be one of those cliche V-day haters. I don’t have a boyfriend wah wah wah. My happiness depends on having a man friend in my life. I don’t know about you, but even though I don’t have a man-friend for V-day this year, there’s still loads of people that I love in my life. My parents, friends, and myself. Its a great day to show all those people a little extra love, and treat myself. I love baking treats for my friends and passing the love all around, and having an excuse to be a little extra happy. Sure you can spend the day sulking but that doesn’t do you or anyone else any favors. And thus concludes my Valentine’s Day soap box, thanks for listening. 2) My birthday- self explanatory, who doesn’t love a good excuse to get down and boogie. And this year is a little extra special. I’ve been abstaining from sugar since New Year’s and the sugar fast will break on Feb 24th. I plan on eating my way into a sugar induced high /coma for the entirety of the day. If i don’t feel like a pile of crap the next day I didn’t do my job right. Sure this may cancel out all the health benefits of the sugar strike, but this sugar binge is going to be all the sweeter. (pun intended) Even if you aren’t with me for my birthday, feel free to celebrate with me by eating all sweets in your reach and then going out and getting more


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