See ya Later B!

Queen Beatrix abdicates

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest news in the world’s monarchies, there’s been quite a shake up for the Dutch Royal family. (Yes, the Netherlands has a royal family) Last week Queen Beatrix announced that she will be abdicating her crown for her son William-Alexander to take over. Miss Beatrix has been Queen for 33 years, and loved by much of the country. This announcement came as no surprise as there has been talk of her stepping aside for the last couple years. The inauguration of Prince Willem will take place in April while I’m still in the country. You better believe I’ll be going to that party. (well not the actual crowning as I’m not the member of a royal family) This will be the second royal encounter I’ve had since moving to this fine country. If only there could be a royal wedding I think my royal encounters would be complete.


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