Winter (China) lights

IMGP7588 There were several times while I was in Japan that I saw Asia trying to do Europe, food, festivals, architecture, but last week was one of the first that I saw Europe trying to do Asia. (Other than the several all-you-can-eat tabehodai sushi dinners) The Euromast Park in Rotterdam put on a China lights festival. For three weeks a series of instillations lit up the park, adding some radiance to the January/February gloom. 

IMGP7560 IMGP7572 The displays were much bigger than I anticipated, many of them were more than 12ft high, and the dragon was more than 50ft long. A few other friends and I braved the freezing night air to take in the Asian festivities, and it was well worth losing feeling in my fingers and toes.

IMGP7589 IMGP7628


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