afternoon in the Gemeente


There’s a whole list of reasons why I love living in the Netherlands. One of them being the accessibility of museums. I don’t think this is unique to the country, rather I have had more opportunities to go while living here. I have been fortunate enough to have a museum card that gets me into 98% of the museums in the country FOR FREE! Well, we had to pay for the card, but it paid for itself after 3 months. I love having the card especially when the weather is less than perfect, and in this country that’s pretty often. Last week when the snow was turned to slush by a huge rain storm I escaped to the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag to take in some culture. I spend the afternoon gazing over Andy Warhol’s, Rembrandt’s, Mondrian’s, vintage clothing, antique Royal Delftware, and an assortment of other delights to the eye. Its been thoroughly enjoyable catering to my inner museum nerd this year. And there’s still more see before I leave.

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