I love Delft

386145_908785100569_857120293_nSure when people think of the Netherlands or Holland the first city to come to mind is Amsterdam. I do love AMS but its not actually my favorite city in these parts. I love Delft. I’m not even sure if it counts as a city, as its quite small. That may be part of the charm. There’s all the old architecture, and canals that you want to see in a good Dutch town, but the entire city center is walkable. In fact most of it is a pedestrian only zone, that means you can stroll, skip, or cartwheel to your heart’s content. Just look out for the bikes.

65210_938565630149_1301219293_n There’s a great market here on Saturdays with food, little shops, and tons of great antique finds. Delft is famous for its blue and white ceramics, as well as the home to Johanas Vermeer (painter of the the Girl with the Pearl Earring), and last but not least IKEA and the 1euro breakfast. As its just a short bike ride away I take advantage of nice weather by biking over and having some hang time in the central market square.





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