So I went to Prague….

IMGP7890 For my birthday,  with the help of my parents ,I decided to treat myself to a trip. From my top list of destinations, Prague was the cheapest flight from the Netherlands. I had a couple extra days off last week and jumped at the opportunity to take a mini holiday.

IMGP7699I always heard that Prague was a beautiful city. In fact, many people that I’ve spoken to said that it is their favorite city in Europe. It was love at first sight, and the attraction only grew stronger for the duration of my stay. By the time I left I was madly in love with the city. I loved the beautiful architecture, the views with the hills (there aren’t many where I’m living now) combined with the river. Even the sound of my boots clicking on the cobble stone roads made me giddy.

IMGP7762 IMGP7790I also found the history fascinating.  The several influences throughout history, with the 30 years war, Nazi invasion during WWII, their time of communism and then Soviet occupation, peaceful separation from the Soviets during the Velvet Revolution, and the Velvet Divorce from Slovakia, have all contributed to the Czech Republic’s rich and complicated history. I also went on a fantastic walking tour of the city which gave the backstory of the monuments and how they tied into the city’s history.

IMGP7718 IMGP7968I took this trip solo but still had a great time. I was just so infatuated with the city that I was happy as a clam strolling along by myself. During the evenings and nights my hostel was filled with great people to swap stories with. I was  inspired by the people I met while during the weekend. I love meeting other travelers, hearing their stories of exploration, where they’ve been, where they come from, as well as their reasons for traveling. My list of “must see” places has grown tremendously, as well as my list of languages to learn and books to read.



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