Table for one? Yes I did.

62432_948575684919_726316545_nI don’t know about you, but I’ve always feared eating at a restaurant alone. Table for one. Even eating at fast food by myself hasn’t been an option, I almost always get it to go, or eat  as quickly as possible. This fear of solo eating tends to put a small dent in my solo travel adventures. While traveling with myself, I tend to picnic  or eat on the go. I didn’t eat at a single restaurant in Paris because I just couldn’t do it by my lonesome. But after my friend Ria tackled this small mountain, and highly recommending the same restaurant, I decided that my trip to Prague was the time to do it.  Sure, I could have wrangled some of my hostel friends to come along with me, but I really wanted to try something that I had been afraid of for so long.

 After a small inner monologue pep talk, I walked into the restaurant. It was pretty much empty. I went before noon on a week day, so as to see as few people as possible. Besides the people I did see, I’ll probably never see again. The staff were quite puzzled that I was eating alone, and that I seemed to be fine with it.

I had a wonderful and very central european meal of meat and candlestick sauce over dumplings, accompanied with beer. Beer before noon you ask? 1) its vacation 2) I was eating alone, I needed a little liquid courage.

By the end of the meal I was quite comfortable with this new eating arrangement. In fact, I was really enjoying it. (the beer didn’t hurt either) It was also quite fun to watch and gage the reactions of the other people in the restaurant.  People seemed to be uncomfortable and awkward for me. The wait staff didn’t really know what to do with me, and I could tell that others were looking without looking like they were looking. I can’t say that solo meals are going to become a habit but it feels quite nice to have gone out on my own for once. Having a great meal and beer was a pretty good reward as well.

If you’re at all interested or in Prague this great restaurant is called Pivovarsky Dum (google it) , they have great traditional Czech food as well as brew their own beer next door.

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