Pillow Fight!!!

69471_960870985039_661002325_nOn April 6th, Ria, Vic, and I marched into Dam Square, Amsterdam armed and ready to face the flying arms and clouds of feathers. Our weapons were pillows and we were ready to participate in one of the world’s largest pillow fights. The 30 minutes we spent in the fray were some of the happiest minutes of my life. Seriously, that was sheer joy, just laughing and getting hit in the head with fluffy pillows and covered in feathers. We were in  a group of several hundred strangers gathered for the simple purpose of play. There weren’t  people that hit too hard or other malicious intentions.  I was either smiling or laughing the entire time. We had to pull out eventually because we had inhaled too many feathers to function and our faces hurt from the constant expression of joy.

 563862_10151313946905947_575650286_nDid I do a good enough job selling the genius of a giant grown up pillow fight? Well lucky you, these shin digs actually happen all over the world. April 6th is actually international pillow fight day and there’s a whole website with designated sites in over 20 cities around the world, as well as information to start your own pillow gathering if there isn’t already one in your area. http://2013.pillowfightday.com/  Think about it, you could start the pillow revolution in your area. How sweet is that.

2996_10151313947050947_683110750_nAs if a day centered around a pillow fight wasn’t great enough we found a proper ramen shop in Amsterdam. The first good Ramen I’ve had in a year. Bliss would really be the only appropriate word to use for that day.


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