Cheeky trip to Londontown

216344_971707463649_1020388948_nLast weekend I took a quick little trip to London to visit my pal Jacob. (yes the same one that came to visit and cheat on his monarchy for queen’s day) Although I’ve already been, I was told by Dutch immigration that if i wanted to stay in Europe till July I would have to leave the European continent, and get my passport stamped and re stamped. Luckily there’s a bus service between Amsterdam and London so I was able to take a weekend jaunt on a low budget. Well, low budget does not mean fast as far as transportation is concerned. Roundtrip I clocked 30 hours of travel to stay in Londontown for 32 hours. But who’s complaining, I just took a quick weekend trip to London, that’s still pretty rad.

907834_10151436918218526_729835617_n-polaAs for my drive-through speed impression of London and its inhabitants: its certainly more diverse than the Netherlands. There’s a a huge amount of cultures that collide in the city to make an interesting mix. People jay walk like nobody’s business. Not only do they cross whenever they please they make you seem like a fool when waiting for a crossing signal. Never mind the approaching cars, they’ve got to get to the other side of the street. Even though most people are speaking english it doesn’t mean I can understand them. Riding on the double decker red buses is not nearly as magical as it seems. Especially when its the night bus and someone is sick all over the exit. Those iconic red buses are best left to be observed from the outside. Hopefully its not the last time I’m in the city, however there’s plenty of places for me to go that I haven’t been yet. Its also great to see a friend that I made in Japan, even after we’ve both been away for more than a year. Its comforting to know that I will still see the friends I’ve made abroad, and there’s still more adventures to be had with these pals.


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