I’m Back!!! (On the Road, that is)


Ah and just a year ago I thought the international adventures would be ending. Last week I dusted off my passport and got on a plane for Israel. Although seemingly random, the pieces seemed to fall into place, allowing this grand adventure to take place. So this is what went down. In case you didn’t know, or forgot, I spent 2012-2013 as a Nanny for a fabulous family in the Netherlands, outside of Rotterdam. That same family moved to Jerusalem, Israel, and we have kept in touch since the separation. During a wonderfully chaotic skype conversation, my host mom mentioned me coming out to help/visit. Ummm, YES!! Turns out she was serious. Just at that time I realized I could take the summer off work at the dance studio, and told Danielle I was game. A week later I had my tickets booked, and 3 months later, I’m here, in JERUSALEM!!! I’ll have 6 weeks in this destination, and considering the amount of significantly historical sites, that may be just enough time. 


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