Mind wanderings

Honestly the current “political situation” has me sick. I feel ill every time I encounter the media, and almost all conversations on the street reference what’s going on. The war has seeped into everything here. Understandably so. But for the sake of my psyche, I’m going to play the denial card with a lighter post of random observances of my current geographical location.

blog pics1They don’t jaywalk here. Easiest way to spot a foreigner is to find people too impatient to wait for the crossing signal. // The hummus stereotype is real. Its better and everywhere. Same applies to falafel. // Old man people watching is the best here. Especially the backgammon tournaments. // Don’t expect to do anything on a Saturday in Jerusalem. // Despite the heavy use of artillery in the area, people still love to use fireworks for celebratory occasions such as graduation. Cruel joke on my nerves. // Jerusalem in all its ancient glory was not built to be stroller friendly. // Apparently lines or queues are just a suggestion. // How do the kippahs stay on men’s heads. (more of a question) // Its expensive.

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